Dr. Shari Auth

“Acupuncture with Dr. Shari Auth is an essential part of my weekly wellness routine. During intense performance and rehearsal schedules, I rely on acupuncture to heal my body faster and help my mind relax. When I leave Shari’s office, I am able to be my best self grounded, restored and ready to take on life.”

Olivia Wilde, Actress & Model


“Dr. Shari Auth’s healing presence combined with her healing touch and expertise in structural integration, massage and acupuncture make for both an effective and memorable experience.”

Yoko Ono, Artist


“Dr. Shari Auth is one of my favorite body workers. From the first touch, the work is detailed, fine tuned, compassionate and invariably a spiritual experience.”

Sting, Musician

“Many years ago, when I was a junior editor and was suffering from occasionally debilitating anxiety, a coworker sent me to Shari. She was the first person—through her presence, her needles, her touch—who managed to calm me. I’m thrilled that she’s opened WTHN and is bringing her powerful acupuncture to everyone in a highly accessible way.”

Elise Loehnen, chief content officer GOOP

I have been working with Dr. Shari Auth for the past seven years now and fully entrust her with my entire family. Not only is she incredibly radiant on so many levels, she is a gifted healer with one of the most positive and nurturing natures I have encountered. Her combined use of acupuncture and massage are absolute heaven and she is a joy to be in the company of always.

Christy Turlington Burns, Model & founder of Every Woman Counts


“Dr. Shari Auth is a true holistic healer. I’ve seen Shari for over ten years and find her combination of acupuncture and bodywork to be deeply effective. Her knowledge base is extensive and she is constantly learning and imparting new information. Thank you!”

Carla Gugino, Actress


“As a result of the acupuncture, reflexology and deep-tissue massage treatments which I have received from Dr. Shari Auth, my balance has improved enormously.”

Dr. Paul Greengard, Nobel Laureate


“With a hectic filming schedule and busy family life a routine for staying healthy is essential. Acupuncture and herbal tonics from Dr. Shari Auth grounds me and restores my energy.”

malin akerman, Actress

Shari brings a remarkable intuition and deep knowledge to her acupuncture practice. She has a strong sense of how physical symptoms are very often linked to underlying emotional issues, and she approaches well-being from both perspectives. Not only do I feel tremendous relief from pain or physical restriction when I work with Shari, but I also have a clearer vision of what is likely causing my symptoms — which allows me the opportunity to heal on a deeper level.

zachary quinto, Actor, Producer, & Writer


“Shari Auth does magic! Her combination of acupuncture and massage helped me tremendously with my migraines and I was able to get off my anxiety medication and get back to living.”

Paulina Poriskova, Model, Actress, & Author


“For me it’s the perfect blend of acupuncture and bodywork: intuitive, knowledgeable, authoritative, perfectly paced and executed. I am always healed right up when I walk out.”

Gabrielle Hamilton, Chef, Restaurateur, & Author


“I travel often and my work to set the lighting for theatrical productions often keeps me on my feet from 6 to 12 hours. Acupuncture with Dr. Shari Auth helps ease my arthritic and non-arthritic joint pain. For over a decade I have relied on rejuvenation from my sessions with Dr. Shari Auth.”

Jennifer Tipton, Tony Award-winning Lighting Designer & MacArthur Fellow


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