Dr. Shari Auth

Structural Integration


Invented by Ida Rolf, a female scientist ahead of her time, Structural Integration is hands-on bodywork that improves posture by working with the fascial network of the body. 

How Cupping Works   Using suction to create negative pressure on connective tissue and muscles, cupping increases circulation and loosens stiff muscles. Massage puts positive pressure on your body, yet massage paired with cupping increases circulation throughout. 

How structural integration Works

Pain and injury are often caused by misalignment. Structural Integration seeks to bring the body in optimal alignment to free the it of pain and make it more efficient. Traditionally done in 10 consecutive 1-hour appointments, each session works on a different part of the body for  maximum effect.


How it can help you

Structural Integration can: improve posture; reduce chronic pain, acute pain, sciatica, TM, Carpal Tunnel, lower back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain and neck pain; help treat Plantar Fascitis; improve breathing problems (such as Asthma); relieve stress and trauma; improve your overall well being!


Structural integration process

Sessions 1: Opens the breathing by releasing the diaphragm. Session 2: Works on the feet and creating a good foundation for posture. Session 3: Works the side seams of the body. Session 4: Works the inside line of the legs. Session 5: Works the core. Session 6: The lower half of the backside of the body. Session 7: Works the upper back, neck, and cranium. Session 8 - 10: Works the body is a broader way, getting the body to move efficiently.


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