Dr. Shari Auth

Herbal Tonics & Medicine


Still a popular form of holistic healing today, herbs don’t just alleviate symptoms but help the body cope with stress and build immunity.


What Are Herbs?

Herbs are the original pharmacopeia and have been a part of indigenous cultures for centuries — they are the original medicine cabinet. They can be found in the form of seeds, barks, leaves, roots, and more.


How Herbs Can Help You

Herbs can be taken in pill form, consumed as teas, or applied as compresses or tinctures. Herbs can address countless health complaints but what's even more amazing is that they can keep you healthy as well. 


Chinese, Ayurvedic & Western Herbs

Cultures developed their own herbal systems based on what was available to them. Today we use those traditions and blend them with scientific research to create blends that utilize the best resources.


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