Cupping: What is it good for and about those marks..

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Cupping has been used for centuries for pain, detox and respiratory conditions. My clients love the way it feels and I get many requests for cupping. Clients say it feels like all the "bad stuff" is being sucked out of them. Cupping brings circulation to the area being treated. After cupping clients can present in a variety of ways from, no mark at all; to pink, red or dark purple circles where the cup was. These marks are not sensitive to the touch and they do not hurt. Cup marks usually last 3-7 days, but can last 1-14 days. I recommend epsom salt baths after cupping, cardio exercise if appropriate, and lots of water.

Gua Sha is a scrapping technique that is similar to cupping. It leaves a mark that is not painful or sensitive and it is good for pain and releasing heat in the body. It is not painful to receive and can elevate pain instantly.